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Google Video Upgrades, Catching YouTube?

Google Video Upgrades, Catching YouTube?

Two of the many major differentiation points between YouTube and Google Video are YouTube’s easy video upload and video author profile pages, which are the core of YouTube’s Flickr-like media sharing community. Philipp Lessen says that Google Video has addressed the video upload obstacles with a more user friendly browser based program:

For those who always wondered why Google Video forced you to upload via a desktop tool instead of simply offering a browser form: well, it looks like Google listened, as they’re now offering such a browser upload.

At SERoundtable Barry Schwartz points to a WebmasterWorld (subscription required) thread on the lack of credit to the original producer of the video footage available via Google Video:

What is astounding is googles lack of credit to the publisher, no profile page, just an unclickable url. So, this is really google branding, we takes your content, no credit for you. do no evil to G$! Bad google, another shining example of total disrespect for those who make the medium happen. has a nice profile deal set up so that you can learn more about the person uploading, go to their web site etc., pretty cool (and fair).

I’d like to also add that the ability for easy blog integration of YouTube’s videos, tagging and sharing functionality is what attracts this author to its offerings. Although one major benefit which Google Video does bring to the equation is featured videos from television and sports programing (some available for sale) and the default size of the video screen.

There is video I found on Google Video about downloading videos from YouTube via a TubeRaider GreaseMonkey script (kind of funny the most popular video on Google Video about YouTube is about stealing content from their site).

How are the embedded videos working for you, the viewer here on the Search Engine Journal?

Both video viewing windows give the ability to play, stop, forward & reverse videos along with audio control. However, one difference is that YouTube’s viewer offers a button to SHARE the video, which shows a commitment to the YouTube community and distribution of a producer’s work. Whereas Google Video’s viewer offers a “Google Video” button which directs the clicker to the Google Video Homepage.

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Google Video Upgrades, Catching YouTube?

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