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Google Video is Live – Commence Video Production Boom

Google Video is Live – Commence Video Production Boom

Google just launched its Video Upload program moments ago after creating some buzz around the video web world last week. “In the next few days, we’re actually going to start taking video submissions from people, and we’re not quite sure what we’re going to get, but we decided we’d try this experiment,” Google cofounder Larry Page announced. Today is here and Google Video wants your movies.

Well, Google Video Upload is now in beta and is described by Google as a community where video producers can “give your videos the recognition and visibility they deserve.” Is this goiing to lead to hordes of college students and “people with nothing better to do” types ransacking the Wal-marts for digital video camera so they can produce home movies, mini-features, and serial made-for-Google-Video programs? Will this lead to a rise in imagination? Are porn industry marketers foaming at the mouth for this new web media outlet?

Search Engine Journal asked some experts on video blogs and video storage about their thoughts on Google Video and its plans to host videos as opposed to only indexing video information in its search index.

Steve Garfield comments : We already go to Google to find everything else. Why not video too? For viewers, it’ll give the average internet user who is familiar with searching using the Google interface, a comfortable way to explore finding video on the web. For producers, it gives them a huge audience that could possible find their videos more easily.

This all depends on the use of keywords, transcripts, and descriptions. But since it looks like Google will be hosting these videos for free, it’s another great big step to make is easy for content providers to share their videos at no cost. The other interesting feature is being able to charge per view. I’ll be interested to see how that works.

From Raymond M. Kristiansen of : In my point of view, Google doing this is a good step forward for videoblogging. Regardless of the fact that we give Google quite broad rights to use our files, as per the terms of service, this will mean that videobloggers will have yet another venue to publish their media for free.

I don’t think Google will be doing much with videoblogging as such – for now. The files will, I think, be seen upon as separate entities, and there will not be the context of a blog to the files. I am personally very interested to see where Google will take Blogger with this. Maybe in the future Blogger will be ‘made for videoblogging’. If so, this will make it Very easy for videobloggers to choose Blogger as their favourite blogging tool.

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Google Video is Live – Commence Video Production Boom

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