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Google Video Hacked

Google Video Hacked

InsideGoogle and PCMagazine report that Google Video has been hacked by world famed cracker Jon Lech Johansen. Apparently, DVDJon (his alias) targets different multimedia download programs and his hack of Google Video lets any use the software to play a video on their webpage.

From InsideGoogle : Jon Lech Johansen, “DVD Jon”, took just one day to build a crack to allow you to play video on your website using Google’s VLC-based player. This means you can publish video that will play on your webpage and will work for anyone who has Google’s player installed. I’m not sure anyone could see a problem with this crack. Jon famously worked on DeCSS and cracks for iTunes, AirPort Express and WMV9 in Linux.

Ryan Naraine of PCMagazine adds “The patch, released on Johansen’s ‘So Sue Me’ blog, effectively disables a modification Google made to the VideoLAN code to prevent users from playing videos that are not hosted on Google’s servers.

Johansen said the patch, which requires the .Net run-time framework, will remove Google’s restriction and allow the playback of video files that aren’t on the server.”

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Google Video Hacked

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