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Google Video Goes RSS, Looking for Feedback

Google Video Goes RSS, Looking for Feedback

Google Video Goes RSS, Looking for Feedback

Google Video has announced that they are now offering RSS Feeds for Google Video users who would like to keep tabs on new additions to categories of video, such as popular, or Google Video search results.

This is our first release of RSS feeds on Google Video and …we’d like to receive feedback on our implementation.

Specifically, we’ve implemented portions of the MediaRSS extension and would like to make sure that what we’ve done is standards-compliant. We are also interested in feedback regarding additional information that would be useful to include in the feeds.

The RSS feature is not yet linked on our site, so to access it you’ll
need to use the links below.

Access a feed of popular videos.

Access a feed of any search results page.

In both cases, the “num” parameter can take any value from 1 to 100.

In the case of search, the “q” parameter is the search query, and so can be anything you might see in a Google Video search URL.

Furthermore, any other parameters that are accepted by Google Video search (e.g. for sort order) can be used here.

Feedback on Google Video RSS feeds can be left on the RSS-MEDIA Group at Google Groups.

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Google Video Goes RSS, Looking for Feedback

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