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Google Video & CBS Partnering for Google TV?

Google Video & CBS Partnering for Google TV?

Brad at the Unofficial Google Blog says that Google is talking with CBS about providing more timely ‘on demand’ content for the Google Video system. CBS has been quite an aggressive netwrok when it somes to distributing its content via Comcast On Demand.

Brad quotes from a Reuters story ” They need our content, we need their technology,” [CBS chairman Les Moonves] said, referring to broader discussions with Internet companies. “We argue about which is more important. I think ultimately my content, no matter how you get it, content is still the most important thing.”

From Unofficial Google Weblog : “There’s not question that the Internet companies need richer, more timely content—especially the nascent and unfocused Google Video. But Google and Yahoo! do not represent an industry on the verge of expiration, as does CBS. Ultimately, CBS needs the distribution more than either INternet company needs CBS in particular.”

Google has dipped in exclusive video broadcasts for Google Video with its Chris Rock “Everybody Hates Chris” pilot Viacom UPN experiment, but there has not been much happening since.

Yahoo, on the other hand, is a media network and enjoys high profile partnerships with NBC’s Apprentice & The Biggest Loser, Entertainment Tonight, Tyra Banks & America’s Top Model, and archived exclusive Seinfeld DVD episodes.

Gary Price notes on Search Engine Watch that “At the moment, multimedia engines like BlinkxTV make some news content from CBS available. Other multimedia engines including AOL Video Search also offers programming (clips, previews, behind the scenes material) from HBO, CNN, and others. HBO, CNN, and AOL are all owned by Time Warner.”

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Google Video & CBS Partnering for Google TV?

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