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Google Video AdSense Sightings

Google Video AdSense Sightings

GoogleRumors reports that they have spotted a Video AdSense ad on the Entertainment blog ‘The Superficial‘, which is run via Flash Video : “The path from just text to full multimedia has finished (text->images->animation->Flash video). The ad in question appeared on entertainment centric site The Superficial and use the normal AdSense inclusion code for text/image ads.”

There have been reports of Google launching Flash Animations in Google AdSense but this is the first occurence I’ve seen of a video powered ad, which is set up a bit like Google Video or the YouTube boxes web users are used to seeing on web sites. It will be interesting to see what kind of effect Google Video AdSense has on click thru’s, CPM’s and overall conversions.

One must however, keep Chitika eMiniMalls in mind when thinking that Google Video AdSense will lead to a long term increase in click frequency and more revenue. Multimedia oriented advertisements sometimes bring in more clicks, but those clicks are sometimes more of a result of curiousity and not puchasing interest. Google, of course, might be a different story.

Here’s a screenshot captured by GoogleRumors:

Google Video Adsense

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Google Video AdSense Sightings

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