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Google Updates Travel Searches to Help Users Find Budget-Friendly Options

Google is rolling out new travel search features to help users find better prices on flights and hotels.

Price Insights for Flight Searches

Google will now display a price insight for most trips, which shows whether the prices you’re seeing are high, typical or low.

Price insights will also indicate whether the current price won’t get any lower, or if it’s expected to increase soon.

Previously, this feature would only show up when searching for flights on holiday dates.

Find Flights Based on Budget

If you have a fixed budget for the amount you want to spend on a flight, you can search for all available options for that price point.

For example, if you’re in San Francisco and want to spend less than $150 on a flight, you can use a price slider to set your limit and see only destinations within that range.

This particular feature is only available on desktop.

Filter Hotels by Best Deals

When searching for hotels you can now use Google’s new deals filter, uses machine learning to highlight hotels where rates are significantly lower than usual.

When viewing a hotel in search results Google will show expanded pages for photos and reviews curated with machine learning.

Previously, Google would indicate when you stumbled on a good hotel deal, but now you can specifically search for hotels offering the best deals.

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Google Updates Travel Searches to Help Users Find Budget-Friendly Options

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