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Google Updates Search Results With New Labels for PDFs and PPTs

Google has implemented a subtle, new change to search results across mobile and desktop.

When PowerPoint presentations (PPTs) and PDFs are uploaded to a website, the raw files can be indexed in search results.

Now, when Google’s search results return PDFs or PPTs, they will be indicated with new labels which you can see below.

Google’s new labels for PDFs and PPTs are clean and easy to identify when skimming through search results.

In addition, the new labels are more consistent with the overall look and feel of Google’s search results. They are almost identical to the AdWords “Ad” label, except for being grey instead of green.

It’s also worth noting that these labels only appear when the search results link directly to a PDF or PPT file. They do not appear if these files are embedded into actual web pages.

While this is only an aesthetic change, it has the potential to increase click-through rates when people are looking specifically for PDFs and/or PPTs.

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Google Updates Search Results With New Labels for PDFs and PPTs

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