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Google Updates Jagger 2 & Jagger 3 On The Way

Google Updates Jagger 2 & Jagger 3 On The Way

Who said that the latest Google updates were not a big deal? Instead of conforming its latest algorithm and indexing changes to a big Florida-esque Google Update, Google is releasing a series of three index updates which will result in one overall ranking change for the search engine.

Garrett at Search Engine Lowdown points to two different posts, one on Webmaster World and one from Matt Cutts on his blog about the latest round of updates.

GoogleGuy at Webmaster World :” I expect Jagger2 to start at 66.102.9.x. It will probably stay at 1-2 data centers for the next several days rather than spreading quickly. But that data center shows the direction that things will be moving in (bear in mind that things are fluxing, and Jagger3 will cause flux as well).

And Matt Cutts on the Jagger 1, Jagger 2, and Jagger 3 segments all being one update : “Jagger1, Jagger2, and Jagger3 are mostly independent changes, but they’re occurring closely enough in time (plus they interact to some degree) that it’s clearer just to act as if they were one update for feedback purposes.

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Google Updates Jagger 2 & Jagger 3 On The Way

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