Google Has Updated Its iOS Search App, Here’s What’s New

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Google has recently updated it’s iOS search app to version 4.0, and with it comes several new, useful features.

Users who are familiar with using Siri will now be able to use the Google search app in much the same way, as it is now equipped for voice search and is able to respond to more conversational searches.

To activate this feature, tap the microphone or say “Ok Google” to start. You can ask questions such as “What’s the weather like?”, as well as follow up questions such as “How about this weekend?” to get the weather for the coming weekend. 

Google Now is now integrated with Google’s iOS app, a service that Android users have grown to know and love. Based on your searching and browsing behavior, Google Now learns your favorite authors, blogs, topics, and so much more. Google Now will alert you when there’s an update to any of the things it believes you’re interested in.

Google Now also integrates with Gmail, and will take note of important dates that come through in your emails. For example, when you book a flight and receive a confirmation email, Google Now will record this information and alert you when the date of your flight is approaching.

As an Android user, I can tell you from experience that sometimes Google Now is a little too good. I looked up an NBA score one time when then Brooklyn Nets were playing the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the playoffs, and after that Google Now kept sending me alerts about Brooklyn Nets games until I eventually turned off the notification. You’ll be surprised of what it’s capable of learning about you.

Some smaller updates to the iOS app include faster loading of Google Search and Google Now, and an enhanced image search experience. If you want to keep up with cricket scores, cricket sports cards will now be available in Google Now.

The new version of Google Search for iOS is available for free on the App Store, which you can download right here if you haven’t already

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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  • miketat

    It will be really a greater experience to use this. Google is making it’s apps fully customized according to user experience. It will gonna to outstanding popular in some time. Thanks for sharing the information Matt……..:-)

  • Sandeep Rao

    It’s Google Man !
    How can you expect less from it, it always offer the best things to users, either its Gmail, Youtube, search engine or Android platform.

    Although I am not using iPhone, still I completely agree that whenever Google updates any service, It would definitely get some amazing new features with it.

    Anyways, waiting for a rumored Gmail’s design update in next month. If this update will be rolled out, It will sure to make the Gmail much more user friendly and easy to use.