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Google Update Effects Web Businesses

Google Update Effects Web Businesses

There is a thread at Digital Point about web publishers who were kicked out of Google or lost significant ranking during the lastest Google “Jagger” Update. Some of those publishers are claiming substancial loses which brings back memories of the “Florida” Update years ago when Google finally cleaned up their index and booted a good amount of sites which used questionable results manipulating tactics (different from SEO). Here’s a rundown of reactions in the Cost of Jagger:

Will.Spencer : “I went from ~$500/day to ~$200/day. I estimate that it will take Google 30 days to fix this screw-up, which will end up costing me ~$9k in profit.

AroundDelhi : “Traffic and bussiness down 60%. I can bear the loss for even a month but will the thing comes back to normal (as before) after all this. Strangely my lower sites, really uncared ones have moved up while the one I really care for is really down.

DKalweit : “About $300-400/day down to less than $100/day here… Yahoo, MSN, and some repeat customers are keeping me somewhat alive… One site was hit 9/22, the rest Sunday/Monday… If we have a full 30 days left, I’d say it’s over $10k lost(since 9/22).

Of course, there is always the other side of such an update, where sites which were not turning very much of a Google powered profit may now be enjoying the riches of first results page listings.

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Google Update Effects Web Businesses

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