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Google Unwraps New AI Tools To Deck Your Holiday Shopping

Google rolls out AI shopping tools to inspire gift ideas, visualize searches, and expand virtual try-on.

  • Google introduced new AI shopping tools for the holidays.
  • The tools help users explore gift ideas, visualize products, and virtually try on clothes.
  • Google aims to make holiday shopping easier and more personalized with AI.

This holiday shopping season, Google aims to make your gift hunt more accessible than ever with new AI-powered features.

In an announcement today, Google unveiled three new ways its generative AI technology can help consumers discover and purchase gifts.

The new capabilities tap into Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE), which brings generative AI into its search engine.

Gift Idea Exploration Powered by AI

One new SGE feature rolling out today generates customized gift ideas when users search for phrases like “great gifts for home cooks.”

Per Google’s announcement, the AI will provide tailored subcategories to browse, such as specialty tools, artisanal ingredients, culinary subscriptions, and cooking classes.

Users can tap into a category to view shoppable gift options from major brands and small businesses.

Julie Black, Google’s Director of Shopping Products, said this tool allows shoppers to “really home in on your gift recipient’s unique preferences.”

For example, searching for “great gifts for home cooks who love pasta” surfaces pasta-making gifts like kits and cookbooks.

For kids with niche interests like inventing, the AI can suggest personalized, shoppable gifts like chemistry sets and coding kits.

Google stressed that SGE is meant to inspire exploration, with links to content publishers and shopping ads integrated directly into the experience.

Shopping Via AI-Generated Images

Another new mobile feature leverages image generation to help users visualize and find their desired clothing item. When using SGE for apparel searches, users can generate photorealistic images from the words they type.

For instance, searching for a “colorful, patterned puffer jacket” prompts AI-generated images matching that description.

Shoppers can refine the photos by editing the text until they find one they like. Similar actual products are then shown for purchase.

This capability will start rolling out in the U.S. in December for those already using SGE. Others can enable it through Google’s Search Labs.

Expanded Virtual Try-On for Clothing

Lastly, Google is expanding its AI-powered virtual try-on technology to include men’s tops. Since launching the feature earlier this year for women’s tops, Google found it leads to greater shopping engagement.

When searching for men’s tops, users will see a “try-on” icon for participating brands. Tapping it shows the item on various models customized by skin tone, body type, and more.

Between convenient gift ideas, visualized searches, and virtual modeling, Google aims to make gift hunting “smarter and more confident” this season with the help of its rapidly advancing AI.

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Google Unwraps New AI Tools To Deck Your Holiday Shopping

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