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Google Unifies Search Engine

Finally, it’s official. After getting quite an online buzz the past couple of hours, the official Google Blog issued a press release on the much talk about universal search. A unifying search engine that would crawl all of Google’s datasets which it collected, organized and stored and display results relevant to a user’s search irregardless of data formats (videos, images, books etc.). 

That simply put is what Google’s universal search is all about. Google is living up to its mission statement of organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful. But then of course on the backbone of that mission is the overall goal of increasing earnings and yields through Google’s primary money making program – advertising.

With the universal search, results irregardless of which Google datasets it came from are displayed together depending on its relevance to the search topic. Hence, Google was able to centralize its online ads distribution scheme.  Looking at it from Google’s point of view, unified search brings unified results, unified results unifies ad distribution, management and monitoring.

Breakthrough or not, user or Google oriented, the fact is that this development is a breakthrough in search engine development. In fact, it took Google a lot of effort through trial and errors to finally push on with this project.  And for that, the search engine company has done something commendable which should a lot of merit, media mileage and even an increase in stock share prices.

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Google Unifies Search Engine

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