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Google Unconference Returns, Registrations Open

The Google Search Central Unconference is returning for its second year and registrations are now open for the June 21st event.

Google is bringing its Search Central Unconference virtual event back for another year on June 21. Registrations are open from now until June 14.

Google held its inaugural Unconference last August, which was the first ever virtual event in the company’s history.

As companies were forced to do during the pandemic, Google pivoted toward virtual events in lieu of the in-person conferences it would ordinarily hold throughout the year.

With travel restrictions still in place in many countries, it looks like Google intends to keep its events virtual for at least another year.

If the success of a virtual event can be measured on attendance alone, then Google’s first Unconference was a home run. Attendance slots filled up almost immediately, and the feedback was largely positive.

Here’s a look at what Google has in store for the second annual event.

What is a Google Unconference?

Google calls this particular event an Unconference to make it clear that it’s different from typical Google events or other online conferences.

“This event isn’t just for you – it’s your event. In particular, the word “unconference” means that you get to choose which sessions you want to attend and actively participate in. You will shape the event by taking part in discussions, feedback sessions, and similar formats that need your input.”

Google strongly emphasizes the participation aspect of this event. It’s not an event to attend if you wish to sit back and passively listen to speakers’ presentations.

The Google Search Central Unconference encourages attendees to actively participate in each session.

With that being the case, Google aims to diversify the attendee list with individuals from different backgrounds.

“It’s your chance to collaborate with other site owners, SEOs, developers, digital marketers, publishers, and Google product teams, such as Search Console and Google Search, which helps us deliver more value to you and the community.”

The idea is that a diverse group of attendees can help everyone learn more from each other and their unique perspectives.

“As we have limited spots, we might have to select attendees based on background and demographics to get a good mix of perspectives in the event.”

Unfortunately, that also means not everyone who wants to attend the event will get a chance to.

To add to the exclusivity of the Unconference, sessions will not be recorded. A blog post will be published after the event but, for the most part, what happens at Unconference stays at Unconference.

How to Register For the Google Search Central Unconference

Those who are interested in attending the Unconference are asked to fill out an application.

The application asks registrants to vote on two sessions they’re interested in attending. Sessions will then be added to the event based on the amount of votes they receive.

Possible sessions include:

  • Publisher policy videos
  • Search Console chit chat
  • Video SEO Q&A
  • Core Web Vitals & Ecommerce Q&A
  • Core Web Vitals & RUM
  • Core Web Vitals – Diagnosing and solving common issues
  • Website quality in 2021
  • Ecommerce SEO challenges & best practices
  • Improving Search Central support
  • Log file analysis
  • The future of feeds on the open web
  • SEO for podcasts
  • SEO scripts – making SEO easier with automation

Google will notify registrants between June 14th and 16th if their application to attend the event was accepted.

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Google Unconference Returns, Registrations Open

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