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Google Turns 19: Here Are 19 Ways Google Search Makes Life Easier

Google isn’t just a search engine – it’s an everything engine. Here are 19 (fun) reasons to celebrate Google's 19th birthday.

Google Turns 19

As Google turns 19, stop to think:

How much has the search engine changed and simplified our lives?

(Feel free to Google that.)


An incredible, ridiculous, mind-boggling amount.

19 Reasons to Celebrate Google’s 19th Birthday

Google isn’t just a search engine – it’s an everything engine.

1. It’s a Local Phone Book at Your Fingertips

Google has changed the way we discover businesses – even in our own neighborhoods. Local search lets you find exactly what you’re looking for, right where you are.

For instance, Google [coffee shops nearby] and the search engine will instantly pull up a list. Look at pictures, read reviews, and check out the menus. When you’ve chosen a destination, Google will show you how to get there, too.

This visibility for small operations boosts business and the local economy.

2. Researching Any Topic, Any Time, Is No Longer Limited by Library Hours

Thanks to Google, the library is now open 24/7.

Go ahead: Do research about burrowing owls at 2 a.m. Burn the midnight oil and finish that paper on Tolstoy in the nick of time. Or, look up your symptoms when you wake up at 5 a.m. with a terrible cough and headache.

3. You Can Find a Flight – FAST

It will also show you how prices change based on your arrival/departure dates, and track price changes so you can jump on the lowest rates.

4. You Can Find Local Movie Showtimes – FAST

Google “movies playing near me” or “[movie name] [city name]” to get the details fast enough to catch the opening credits.

5. It Even Converts Currency

What’s the exchange rate between American dollars and Mexican pesos? Google knows.

6. Oh, and It’s a Calculator, Too

What’s 123,777 x 85,234? (It’s 10,550,008,818. Thanks, Google.)

7. It’s Also Your Personal Translator

If you’re in Paris and can’t remember how to say “Where’s the bathroom?” in French, Google will tell you. Google will also tell you how to pronounce it. (You wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself.)

On the other hand, it can also help you strike up a conversation with people from an entirely different culture. In today’s social climate, that’s more important than ever.

7. You Can Huddle Up with Coworkers – Hundreds of Miles Apart

Google Docs lets you work on a single document, spreadsheet, or presentation simultaneously with a bunch of people. Google Hangouts lets you have face-to-face group meetings and not get any real work done.

8. Lost? It’s an Atlas with Every Map You’ll Ever Need

If the place exists on the globe, you can map it and get directions to it.

9. It Will Help Keep the Cookies from Burning (or the Tea from Over-Steeping)

Just Google “set a timer for [duration]” or “timer [duration]” and the search engine will start counting down. It will beep when the time’s run out.

10. Bored? It Will Even Entertain You

Google can be fun and fancy free. It’s got tricks (enter “do a barrel roll” in the search bar) and quick games (enter “zerg rush” – click all the “o’s” to stop them from destroying the search results).

11. Google Has All the Updates on ALL the Games

If you’re dying for an update on the score, Google provides them in real time.

12. It’s Portable Weatherman…

Google [weather {location}] to see if you need to bring an umbrella.

13. And a Dictionary

Look up what any word means with [define:{word}].

14. Word Nerds: Google Is Here for You, Too

What? Google is an etymology dictionary, too? Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I was looking up the origin of the word “indubitably.”

15. It Will Help You Leave the Right Tip and Not Look Like Cheapskate

Google [tip calculator]. It will show you the right amount to leave the waiter, and will even split the tip equally among your party. Unless you’re on a date.

16. What Movie Was That Actor in Again? Google Will Tell You

Or, it will tell you the names of the actors in the movie. Example: The brain (whose name was Brian) in The Breakfast Club was played by Anthony Michael Hall.

17. It’ll Also Find You a Cheap Hotel

…One with free breakfast and Wi-Fi, of course.

18. Starting a Business? Google Can Help

Google’s got the tools to make your business known – think AdWords and Google for Business. Advertise on Google itself!

19. …Time Travel? Really?

Enter [Google in 1998]. I’ll see you when you get back.

Happy 19th birthday, Google!

VIP CONTRIBUTOR Julia McCoy Founder, Author, Educator at The Content Hacker™

Julia McCoy is an 8x author and a leading strategist around creating exceptional content and presence that lasts online. As ...

Google Turns 19: Here Are 19 Ways Google Search Makes Life Easier

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