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Google Tries to Lure Gmail Users Using IE to Switch Browser

Google is reportedly trying to lure Gmail users who are still using Internet Explorer in switching to either Firefox or its very own Google Chrome browser. It was earlier spotted that Google is displaying a simple “Get faster Gmail” message in Gmail users’ accounts. The said message links to Google support page explaining that Gmail would run faster on Google’s two supported web browsers – Firefox and Chrome.

The support page says:

Browsers are getting faster and better at running web applications like Google Mail that use browser technology to its limits. In order to get the best experience possible and make Google Mail run an average of twice as fast, we suggest that you upgrade your browser to one of the fastest Google Mail supported browsers that work on Windows.

Interestingly below the support page, Google explained that a new faster IE8 is under development and even suggested that users download the beta version, linking to the IE8 download page.

Now this would have been alright if Google did not forget to put the “Get faster Gmail” message also on Gmail users’ who are already using IE8. Now that would have been humiliating on the part of Google. Fortunately, Google was quick enough to amend the inconsistency by making sure that the message would appear only on users who are still using IE6.

Another interesting thing to note is the fact that Google is only endorsing the use of Firefox and Chrome and not other web browsers aside from IE, including Safari and Opera.

But still the point is, was Google’s action justifiable? Was it not short of destroying the credibility of a rival company? Of course Gmail has every right to protect its product, but it should have left the decision to Gmail users to determine that Gmail does indeed runs slow on the IE browser.

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Google Tries to Lure Gmail Users Using IE to Switch Browser

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