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Google Trends Updated to Provide Minute-by-Minute Data on Trending Searches

Today, Google unveiled the most significant update to come to Google Trends in the past three years. Google Trends will now offer real-time data on what people are searching for right at this moment.

Based on feedback gathered from journalists, researchers, and everyday trend-trackers, Google has implemented changes to give everyone a faster, deeper and more comprehensive at what’s going on in Google Search.

The minute-by-minute data in Google Trends will not only show what stories people are searching for at the moment, but where in the world the most interest is coming from. You can also track this data over time by selecting any time range within the last week.

Google Trends’ homepage has been redesigned to show visitors a ranked, real-time list of trending stories that are gaining popularity in Google search, while also taking into consideration YouTube and Google News.

In addition to bringing you data faster and from a wider variety of sources, Google Trends will cover niche topics that are trending in smaller geographic locations.

Google explains how committed its team is to curate the headlines that matter most:

“To help you understand the data behind the headlines, our News Lab team examines trending topics every day and finds interesting nuggets of data that bring news stories to life. You can follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. And for data journalists who want to do their own analysis, starting today we’ll publish data sets on specific topics to our Github page.”

The new Google Trends is currently available to 28 countries, with more locations said to be added in the coming months.

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Google Trends Updated to Provide Minute-by-Minute Data on Trending Searches

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