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Google Trends Touts New Flavor

Google has just updated its “not-so-popular” keyword research tool – Google Trends. For those who may have forgotten about Google Trends, it’s basically a tool for finding out how popular search terms are across geographic regions, cities and languages.

The addition of a new feature now allows downloading of the graphical chart into a spreadsheet to allow for a better analysis of the search trends for keywords. And whata better and more appropriate way of explaining these features but through an example comparing search trends for two keywords – vanilla ice cream and chocolate ice cream.

The Official Google Blog gave some pretty good examples of the graphical representations of the search performance of those two keywords. For a more detailed discussion check out the Google Blog post (it includes some good looking graphs too)

Basically what makes the new feature useful is the fact that it can help you explore the popularity and seasonality of any products by determining their search performance in Google Search. It would in a way indicate, customer preferences which if analyzed thoroughly could help businesses draft their marketing strategies.

And to make the analysis of the trends easier, Google Trends can now be downloaded into a spreadsheet application. In addition users are also given an option in choosing either relative scaling or fixed scaling on a specific time range when exporting their data into a spreadsheet application.

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Google Trends Touts New Flavor

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