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Google Trends Adds Hot Trends

Google Trends has added a new featured dubbed ‘Hot Trends’ which allows Google Trends users to see some of the most Trended terms on a daily basis, with historical daily data.

The Google Trends homepage features the hottest trends of the day, which seem to be terms which experience some kind of research peak in Google Search or Google Trends.

The Hot Trends results however may lead users to question the use and popularity of Google Trends, as a couple of today’s Hot Trends are centered around the television shows The Bachelor and Heroes.

Those results however, may be again reflective of trendy searches and impulse & daily peaks of interest, in the same way society focuses on such subjects for only a day or two, Google Trends ‘Hot Trends’ could serve as an interest journal, tracing the day to day interests of the world.

More on Google Trends from:

Search Engine Land :

What defines a “hot trend”? Google told me they use a very sophisticated algorithm to determine what is “hot.” I was told to think of it as Google noticing a “sudden rise” in a query phrase that is not in the norm for that query. The higher the rise, the hotter the query is. Google has a “hotness level” score for these queries, the hottest is “volcanic”, followed by “on fire,” “spicy,” “medium” and “mild.”

TechCrunch :

Anything that is solely reliant on computer calculations is bound to have hiccups. In the case of Hot Trends for May 21 (US) those hiccups included “legless chihuahuas” at 25, but not forgetting that you may only be interested in one legless dog, “legless chihuahua” is at 36; the ultimate handbag accessory perhaps? Pretzel syndrome (33) might be cured by using a nose bidet (7) however “what did lawyer ellis rubin suggest prison inmates could donate in exchange for reduction in their sentences in 1992? (26) may provide a hidden answer. Tasmania Tigers (45) may not get pigeon breast disease (43) but cicadas (23) are prone to issues.

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Google Trends Adds Hot Trends

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