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Google Offers ‘Search by Interest’ Filters For Google Flights Searches

google travel search

You’ve been bitten by the travel bug. You’re in the mood for adventure. You know what you want to do, maybe see exotic wildlife, or ride the fastest roller coasters — problem is, you don’t know the best place to go for it. Sound like a situation you’ve been in before? Now Google has a solution.

Next time you’re searching for travel you don’t need to have a specific place in mind. With new search filters added to Google Flights, you can search by interests. Tnooz was first to report on this feature, and I couldn’t resist giving it a spin.

Let’s try one of my above examples using the new filters. If I wanted to spend a week in June seeking adventure, Google has all kinds of suggestions for me — from parachuting in Dubai, to bungee jumping in Macao (for the record you wouldn’t catch me doing either of those things).

google travel search

After making a selection you’ll be presented with options for flight times and hotels so you can continue customizing your booking.

As you can see in the above screenshot, there are a wide variety of interest filters: Adventure, Beaches, Culture, Ecotourism, Food, Honeymoon, Islands, Nature, Outdoor recreation, Shopping, Wildlife, and Winter sports. Of course, if you did know where you wanted to go, you could easily combine existing filters with new filters and search for a relaxing weekend shopping in New York.

This new feature is only available when searching through Google Flights, and has no affect on the regular set of Google’s search results. Conducting a travel search on has not been changed.

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Google Offers ‘Search by Interest’ Filters For Google Flights Searches

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