Google Translate Gets New Look and Features

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One of my favorite Google service – its online translation tool just got a newly streamlined layout. And along with the new site design are some great features that will make it faster and easier to translate words in 51 languages.


In case you’re living under the rock, Google Translate is an online tool that lets you automatically translate text and web pages into various languages. I use this service when covering netbook news in foreign languages including French, Dutch, German, Chinese and Japanese. The translation could be crappy at times but good enough to give you the gist of the foreign news that you are trying to cover.

Google Translate now lets you:

  • translate text as you type, no need to click on the “translate” button
  • show romanized version of words and phrases (applicable to all non-Roman languages except Hebrew, Arabic and Persian)
  • transliterate Arabic, Persian or Hindi text to convert them to another language
  • hear translation in English

Great features that adds value to one of the most underrated Google online tools.


That means – “Search Engine Journal rocks.”

Arnold Zafra
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