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Google Toolbar Upgraded for IE

Google Toolbar Upgraded for IE

Google’s latest update of its Google Toolbar is a fairly large and relevant one to Internet users as some customer retention and toolbar activity boosting tools have been added along with some features which will attract Google Toolbar users to Google Account offerings such as GMail and Blogger, or vice versa.

Available currently only for the IE browser, Google Toolbar has added bookmarking, social, and customization capabilities which are sure to add to the average user’s Internet and search experience. Additional user helpers such as Google Suggest, spellchecker and custom search functionality have also been added to the new bar.

One social feature of Google Toolbar is the sharing of web pages with the blogosphere or friends by the option to GMail friends, Blog about a web page on Blogger, or send a text message with a link to a web page via Google SMS.

Google Toolbar is reaching for the fruit of a 2.0 social setting with this addition, but there is a general lack in sharing via Google Talk or Orkut (although Orkut may not be taken as seriously in the Googleplex for a US or global audience as it is taken towards Brazilian users). Expect the API machine to pump out more social offerings as Google opening up their toolbar API to developers is an incredibly smart move.

More on Google Toolbar API and Buttons from Aaron Wall of Threadwatch :

“Google also opened up the toolbar with this release, allowing third parties to create custom buttons. The API looks pretty simple. New buttons can act as a custom RSS reader, and it is easy to submit your button, although the TOS prohibit gambling and certain other sites. Some of the early listed sites on Google’s button pages surprise me.”

Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has looked into Google Toolbar’s Bookmarking features and likes what he sees.

Google added bookmarks to version 4 of its Internet Explorer Toolbar (note that this is not available for their Firefox Toolbar). Google Bookmarks have been available since October on the Google site, but were not integrated into the toolbar until now.

Bookmarking is done via a popup from the toolbar that allows naming of the bookmark and any number of tags. A bookmark can be edited as well.

This is a great bookmarking product, interesting features can be added down the road, and many users will find it useful.

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Google Toolbar Upgraded for IE

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