Google Toolbar PageRank Has Been Updated, First Update In Over 10 Months

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Just a couple months ago Matt Cutts said he would be surprised to see an update to Google Toolbar PageRank by the end of this year. Despite him having said that, here we are in December and Google just updated their Toolbar PageRank values this morning.

It’s always a big deal in the SEO community with Google releases this kind of update because PageRank is the most clearly visible metric available to determine the value of a website based on how many quality links are pointing to it. This December 2013 update is of particular importance because no one saw it coming.

The last update to Toolbar PageRank was back in February and support for it has been dropped on many browsers. This lead many in the SEO industry to speculate that Google was phasing it out. Today’s update indicates that Toolbar PageRank is still very much alive, at least for now.

Since PageRank is only one of many factors taken into account by Google’s search algorithm it’s important not to obsess over it too much. However, Google continuing to update it shows it still has value in measuring the amount and overall quality of links pointing to your site.

You can hear Matt Cutts explain a bit more about PageRank and how Google goes about updating it in this video.

Has your site’s PageRank changed since this morning’s update? Let me know in the comments section.

Matt Southern
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Matt Southern
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  • Mmmm My PR6 is down to PR5 and my PR4 is down to PR3. The real bummer is they were both for sale…doh!

    • Damn, that’s a bummer for sure. Hopefully it doesn’t have an impact on traffic for your sites so they don’t go down in value.

      • I really don’t understand the fascination with pagerank, it’s a redundant metric! It’s time people moved on to page and domain authority.

  • Yipee!!! we were waiting to get some good measure for our good work and our PR has been up to 2 from 0.

  • Thanks for the heads up Matt. My business website (comment link) toolbar PR stayed the same PR5 with top level pages remaining PR4. Maybe toolbar PR update was not fully rolled out? My understanding that PR used in is Google ranking algorithm is updated frequently as compared to toolbar PR which has only been updated once (today) since Feb of this year. If that is the case, the shelf-life/long term relevancy of toolbarPR is short which is why I imagine Matt Cutts / Google de-emphasize in the video. Anyone have any idea on the update frequency of “algo-pr” ?

    • You know what, that’s an interesting question and one that I don’t know the answer to. I’ve never thought about there being a difference in the frequency of updates between toolbar and algorithm PageRank, but maybe there is. You’ve given me something to look into!

    • Not sure about it but i guess it gets updated along with the major and minor algorithmic google updates like penguin and panda.

    • Google is without a doubt updating their own “internal” PageRank every day. Even when one of these toolbar PR updates comes along, it doesn’t take long for that information to become outdated. Plus, like Matt pointed out, it’s important not to obsess to much on Page Rank as it is just one of many factors related to SEO. I think it’s a nice gauge to look at, but certainly not the be all and end all. Of course, I am still celebrating any and all increases in PR along with everybody else πŸ™‚

  • Ooh =) Excited to see a 5 = hoping that’s good! I look forward to improving it.

    • Congrats Amanda! A 5 is definitely good, many website owners would love to achieve that. What was your PageRank before the update?

  • I hope mine has risen

  • Urvi Patel

    Mine changed from PR4 to PR3. :(. I have some other websites, one of them has the same PR3 but one dropped from PR3 to PR2..

  • Rodrigo

    This site was completely different (asp pages and less pages and other file names) until May 2013, and it had PR 3 on the index page, then we renewed completely having much more content and the structure better so far, and the PR 3 was kept for the first page and the internal pages was not ranked. So now most of the internal pages was ranked to 0 or 1, but the first page went down from 3 to 2. Do you know if this is a regular process because of the new pages or something should be wrong putting this down?

    We thank you a lot,

    • Since the last PageRank update was in February and it sounds like you redid your site in May, you wouldn’t have been getting an accurate PageRank since it wasn’t updated until just this week. So I wouldn’t worry too much about the perceived drop in PageRank since it’s the first major update since you redid your site.

  • I am not a PR fancy guy as thats not the only metrics i use to judge a site’s authority however, many of my customers do. Still 2 of my brand new blogs of age 5 months have gained pr 2 from 0 and others didn’t had any change. I am neither happy nor disappointed because I am more concerned about ranking the sites for its desired term and increase traffic rather than just working on PR. And its was quit interesting to see that Matt Cutts called this a rare update :P. oh BTW @Matt Southern , check out mat cutts latest tweet, he is still sticking to his old statement that pr update is of least priority.

    • I agree that PageRank is only one of many metrics to judge a site’s authority, and an argument can certainly be made that it’s on the lower end of the priority scale. But it’s still definitely newsworthy for SEOs πŸ™‚ Thanks for letting me know about the tweet from Matt Cutts though

  • This is the great news for me too! My website’s PR increase from 3 to 4. I

  • Yes, I witnessed the update yesterday afternoon. And my website is moved to PR 4 from 0. However, PR is not that important but still it plays a key role from SEO / organic results perspective.

  • Great. I think Matt should work with the FBI or CIA, he will do a better job there. Kidding. My page rank went up from O -1. Nice feeling so more work to be done.

    • Congrats on the jump in PageRank, hope that gives you some extra encouragement to keep putting in more work.

  • This PR update by Google in December really shocked many webmasters. It was unexpected for all of us. Many good blogs lost their PR.

    • With any update there are bound to be some websites that end up getting hurt by it, unfortunately. But judging by the reactions so far, including the comments on this post, a lot of hard working webmasters are gaining PageRank. Which is nice to see.

  • I saw a update in pagerank but not in ranking… Is that matter for webpages to have pagerank? If yes then google should think about giving ranking change as well. If 0 pr link comes in top 10 while 3-4 pr link not come in top 50 results then i think pagerank is not worth? They should make few changes in their algorithm.

  • WOW !!! Today i saw my page rank it’s change….. it’s now Changed PR1 to PR2.. thnx google… Keep updating google pagerank toolbar.

  • Hi,
    a little testimony from italy!

    My homepage has the same PR4 but my blog decreased from 3 to 2; i think because, with Penguin update, i have deleted a lot of link exchanges and link from blog directory (infact time ago I was already dropped from 4 to 3).

    I hope, step by step, to grow up again until 4 πŸ™‚

    bye bye!

  • Ha! Great news. Our website increased from NA to 2 πŸ˜€

  • I’m happy with this update because my Blog’s PR increased to 3 from 2. It might be temporary, but happy now…..

  • Kicking out all gossip of dying PR, eventually it has been appeared at its morning fresh mode is a big happy news to us who are new in blogging. I’m happy that Google rewarded my blog at PR2 from 0, although I treat this PR as a badge of prestige for my blog to get appreciation from visitors just, not the guarantee of search traffic that follow different methods. Thank you very much Matt Southern for your happy write up.

  • Well, i didn’t work according to all marketing people works , i really appreciate their work. But I got PR 2(doesn’t matter for many but curious to know about that), for my personal blog on which i didn’t worked since long. As i see one of my friend working hard on his website and didn’t get PR. Annoying for me, how it is possible? Is Google paying for not to WORK? or Google is Kicking website for so much work for particular sites?

  • Couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. As a young SEO fan I though I would never see a page rank on my latest websites. Got a PR 2 and PR 1 ==> pretty happy right now

  • It’s about time they updated this! It is a refreshing to read there of the perceived value of PR by Google — singularly, not the biggest factor, but still greatly significant. Great post.

  • My personal site went from PR2 to PR3. Pretty happy with that as I’m not doing any particularly interesting to warrant that.

    • Congrats! Maybe you’re getting some good quality links from other sites without realizing it. Either way, keep doing what you’re doing I guess.

  • Hey mate,

    This time the update was good. I mean even myself was surprised that big G rolled that out. My current site is new and only 5 months old. Lucky to have pr 2 from NA.

    Hoping for the best and thanks for sharing!

    • Getting to a PR2 in 5 months is definitely impressive! Keep up the great work.

  • Nice Update, I have a query, My blog previously this update was showing ? in Page Rank toolbar but after this page rank update it is showing 0, do you have any idea about this? do my blog have gained some pagerank??

  • Wow my PR is also improved, just knew after reading this article. Thanks for this news. Keep posting such informative updates.


  • Mitch

    Matt Cutts always said that Pagerank is only all about the links, and nothing more, so out of curiosity i decided to put that to the test,
    in the past few months i’ve set up a one page website that’s a review for another web, with good html content and all the SEO onpage optimizations , and i’ve been building link to the review page simultaneously with the main website.
    both sites shares about 95% of the same links,
    the interesting result after this pagerank update is that the main website went from pagerank 0 (new website) to pagerank 3, which is cool.
    but the well onpage optimized review site didn’t rank at all and it’s still at pagerank 0.
    what do you guys think !??

  • Finally! From zero PageRank to PageRank 3. Yippy.

  • Mixed bag for me. My main site went from 4 to 3. I have several wp blogs, two went up from 3 to 4. One went from 3 to 2. My one year old web store (the comment link), went from 0 to 2.

    Most surprising is a new tumblr blog that is now 3, and an older tumblog that went from 2 to 3.

    A website I added a plugin that used rss feeds for automated content went down from 1 to 0!

    My Twitter profile went from 5 to 4, despite adding 4k real followers. I’m @trabasack if you want to follow!

    I’ll be interested to see if the Google+ and youtube channels have benefited πŸ˜‰

  • Dave Scarpitta

    Seems, like my webstore went down from 3 to 2, even though we’ve added alot of unique pages and products. Seems like that the drop off in Google ads and backlinks kind of hurt it. Still ranking decent though.

  • My page rank went from 3 to 1!! WTH Google?

  • My page rank was updated from 1 to 3. Pretty happy. πŸ™‚

  • Andy James

    Finally! From 1 PageRank to PageRank 3. Happy …

  • Still on PR2 – did You see only updates form lower PR to higher PR?

  • kartik

    I’m happy with this update because my Blog’s PR increased to 3 from 2. It might be temporary, but happy now…..