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Google to Sue Search Marketing Firm Over Deceptive Robocalls

Google is set to initiate its first ever lawsuit against a search marketing firm, which should send a loud and clear message deceptive robocallers: Google is not putting up with it!

Mike Blumenthal has all the details of Google’s lawsuit against Local Lighthouse. The agency is being accusing of posing as Google and harassing small businesses with incessant phone calls in an attempt to get them to pay for services.

Local Lighthouse, and other agencies engaging in similar practices, are damaging Google’s reputation every time one of those calls is placed. These types of robocalls have reportedly been going on since 2011, and it seems that Google is finally fed up.

Google has published a post to educate people on robocalls, as well as created a form for people to report robocallers directly to the company.

Whether Google plans to initiate lawsuits against other agencies accused of robocalls remains to be seen — but one thing for sure is they are on Google’s radar.

Eventually we may see robocalls become a thing of the past, in the meantime you should be on alert if you receive a phone call from someone claiming to work for Google.

It’s easy to tell the difference between a real call from Google and a deceptive robocall: A call with Google will always be from a live person. An automated call from a company claiming to be Google is 100% not Google.

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Google to Sue Search Marketing Firm Over Deceptive Robocalls

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