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Google to Stream Mobile Games in Search Ads

Google to Stream Mobile Games in Search Ads

Google is going to let Android users try out mobile games in search ads, allowing them to stream the game for at least 10 minutes before deciding whether or not to download.

Google appears to be looking for new ways to get game developers to spend money on ads, with the strategic announcement of this ad unit arriving on the first day of the 2016 Game Developers Conference.

The company published the news in a post that details other new ways advertisers can target gamers. The new ad unit is called Trial Run Ads, and they will start to appear in search results within a few weeks. Searching for a game on Google will trigger a Trial Run Ad, where there will be an option to “Try Now” right within the search results page.

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Trial Run Ads are similar in nature to the streaming apps in organic search that Google rolled out late last year. Like streaming apps, the new ad unit is only being tested with a limited number of games for now. Trial Run Ads will only be available on Android devices, with no indication of receiving a wider rollout to other devices.


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