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Google to Shut Down Classic Google Maps, Will Introduce New Lite Version

Google has announced it will be shutting down the classic version of Google Maps. As a result, it will be replaced by a faster, ‘lite’ version.

Many users won’t even notice the change, as the classic version of Google Maps has not been used on modern browsers since February 2014.

If you’re using an older browser, or had specifically bookmarked the classic version of Maps, you’re about to get an update. You will either automatically be updated to the current version, or be introduced to the new Lite Mode.

As Google describes, the current version of Maps has many advantages over the classic version:

“In 2013, we previewed a new version of desktop Maps, completely rewritten on an upgraded and modern platform for a richer, more engaging, and more helpful mapping experience.

This update provides a number of benefits, including easier trip planning, more accurate traffic data, easier ways to explore new areas, and the ability to get you where you’re going with better search, directions, Street View imagery and more.”

If your browser doesn’t meet the requirements necessary to run the current version of Maps, then you will be moved over to Lite Mode, which Google is describing as faster and more streamlined.

When you’re moved over to either one of the newer versions, none of your saved data will be lost. You will still be able to access your saved places, home and work addresses, custom maps, and other personal information.

For more information about the latest version of Google Maps, or the new Lite Mode, see Google’s Help Center article.

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Google to Shut Down Classic Google Maps, Will Introduce New Lite Version

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