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Google to Release Chrome OS Next Week?

Google to Release Chrome OS Next Week?

There’s no doubt that many are anticipating the release of Google’s Chrome OS. In fact, we’ve seen several “alleged” screenshots and what-have-you’s relating to the Chrome OS before. But none of these proved to be official though. And we were told that Google Chrome OS was not to become available until fall of next year. But then, TechCrunch seems pretty convinced that the first build of the Chrome OS will be made available next week.Whether Google will really release the early build of the Chrome OS or not next week is not the main issue here. Good if they do, good as well if they don’t. According to TC, should the Chrome OS is released next week, it is not yet sure whether it can be used and installed on your regular notebooks and PCs.

Certainly there are many things to consider, before you even get excited  about using it on your existing machines. Among these things is of course the available of driver supports.

Another indication that this rumor might be true is the fact that Google might be rushing it, especially now that Windows 7 is starting to make some good vibes in the market.

We’re betting of course that this early version of Google Chrome OS will run smoothly as possible on netbooks. We all know that Google is gearing the OS for specific use of netbooks. If that’s the case, then now I’m excited about the release next week. Hopefully, my Eee PC 1000HE will be able to run it.

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Google to Release Chrome OS Next Week?

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