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Google to Improve Search Experience for News and Podcasts

Google has plans to upgrade search results with more complete news coverage as well as podcast indexing.

These updates were announced at Google I/O today during a live-streamed keynote with CEO Sundar Pichai.

Pichai got down to business immediately by starting the keynote talking about Google’s most important product – its search engine.

Google is taking a feature directly from Google News and incorporating it into search results.

Full Coverage Google News Results

Last year, Google launched a feature in the Google News called “Full Coverage.”

The feature appears when Google News surfaces breaking stories that are being covered by multiple outlets.

After tapping on “Full Coverage” you’re taken to a page which includes all relevant stories from Google News publishers.

Later this year, the same full coverage experience from Google News will be available in search results pages.

Podcasts Indexed in Google Search

Earlier this year we reported that Google was automatically transcribing podcasts, which made them searchable in the Google Podcasts app.

As a result of having a full transcript available, users can search for podcasts by title as well as the content discussed in an episode.

Soon, podcasts will be indexed in Google search results and can found the same way.

Since the podcasts will be indexed directly, they can be played right from Google’s search results. Or you can save an episode for later.

That’s all that’s known so far about podcast indexing. Perhaps more information will come out of Google I/O this week, which runs until May 9.

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Google to Improve Search Experience for News and Podcasts

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