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Google to Bolster Education Apps in Marketplace

Google to Bolster Education Apps in Marketplace

Google has definitely been putting a lot of its energy into the app marketplace, with a huge push to help developers create on the platform and a completely revamped user interface recently released via a silent OTA. As one additional part of their application strategy, it seems that Google is working hard to get more applications into the classroom — both from mobile phone and web-based applications.

According to a report from Business Week, Google is working with a number of educational software creators, including long-time partners. One great example of the sort of web app software we’re seeing is through the web-based applications from Aviary. Aviary develops image editing programs that happen in the cloud, and are ideal for a classroom environment since teachers can set up easier remote monitoring on a student’s progress, and sharing files is a much simpler task. Of course, Google is working with an assortment of other companies as well.

Considering that nearly five billion dollars in software sales happens in this one field, there’s definitely a market to reach to. However, that’s not the only reason for Google to enter the field. It’s standard practice to introduce students to platforms early, giving them a chance to learn the ropes and, frequently, become loyal to your brand. While Microsoft and Apple have been doing this for years, both on the hardware and software end, Google is just stepping into the game.

Business Week also gives us another very interesting tidbit. While the marketplace was once a “free for all,” where developers would get all the revenue from what they sold, Google will start taking a twenty percent cut sometime in the coming months. While small enough to keep most developers around, the extra weight is likely to slow application growth — while simultaneously creating a more than impressive stream of revenue for Google.

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Google to Bolster Education Apps in Marketplace

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