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Google, the Renewable Energy Utility Company

Google’s direction to fuel the green utility market is quite amazing and opens doors for so much more of a direction in efficiency for the company which is so different, yet similar to search.

Google’s search algorithm is based upon efficiency and serving the right results based on mathematical, not human, evaluation. Their involvement in the energy & utility industry is not unlike that of search; finding and investing in energy generation sources which are economically sound from an environmental and return on investment aspect.

Google’s algorithm for clean energy investment is much easier than their search relevancy algorithm as it consists of two simple variables and one equation even a 6 year old can understand, RE (Renewable Energy Cheaper Than Coal).

From Google’s Statement on Green Energy Investment :

  • RE
  • RE
  • In 2008, Google expects to spend tens of millions on research and development and related investments in renewable energy.
  • As part of its capital planning process, the company also anticipates investing hundreds of millions of dollars in breakthrough renewable energy projects which generate positive returns.

Google has identified the problem in renewable energy production, capitalist vs. idealist.

Renewable energy is not going to change the world if the discussion and movement is restricted to a handful of trustifarians (trust fund hippies) or Nader’s dissolving Green Party. It has to be profitable, out in the open, and able to gain interest by other corporations and government bodies.

Instead, Google has spearheaded a national movement to invest wisely in renewable energy technology by convincing their investors and stock holders that doing so will be profitable and intelligent. The end result; a world less dependent on coal and fossil fuels and Google becoming an even larger and stronger company; now enjoying the same fortune as Chevron and Pacific Gas & Electric.

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Google, the Renewable Energy Utility Company

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