Google the Agency, Google the Network

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Google the Agency, Google the Network

Here’s a fairly comprehensive piece from the NY Times’ Saul Hansell, reviewing Google’s model, history and speculating about its future: Google the one-stop shop for all forms of advertising (TV, print, online, etc.). Traditional ad agencies don’t generally like and don’t get Google in my limited observation. But it’s Sunday night, so I won’t go on.

The article is worth a look. For those that read the entire piece, the “love-hate” reference is reminiscent of the role and position that Yellow Pages have historically occupied, and the similar ambivalence they’ve engendered among advertisers accordingly.

John Battelle has an interesting take: This piece in the NYT was clearly written with Google’s open approval, and that means one thing: Google is using the Times to talk with the folks on Madison Ave – and Wall St.

Probably so. People question whether Google has a plan (I believe it does); whether or not the company has a plan it has always had smart PR folks.

Related: Om Malik points to a blog that speculates about the integration of Google Talk everywhere (click to call/PPCall).

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