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New Google Test Lets Businesses Post to Front Page of Search Results

Google is reportedly experimenting with a new way of displaying search results which lets celebrities, brands, and organizations publish directly to the front page in a Twitter-like stream. This experiment is an extension of the feature that was launched last month which lets presidential candidates publish their own messages direct to the front page of Google

Small businesses are said to be receiving the new tools first, which may be followed by celebrities and large brands. Local search watchdog Mike Blumenthal was first to see the test, which Google has since confirmed. While the test resembles Google Posts for US presidential candidates, the particular feature being tested in this case does not have a name though it will function in a similar nature.

Google has mentioned having plans to roll out Google Posts to public figures and organizations in the future, and we may be seeing the first signs of that with the company’s test. Despite the prime placement on the front page of search results, Google says it has no plans to monetize this feature in the future.

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New Google Test Lets Businesses Post to Front Page of Search Results

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