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Google Testing Remove Result and Spam Report Options

Google Testing Remove Result and Spam Report Options

Matt Cutts confirms that Google is testing a new “Remove Result” features that lets users of Google personalized search exclude various sites from their search results. If Google Personalized Search users are sick of spam showing up in their results or irrelevant sites being listed, they can simply remove the pages.

From Cutts : One request we sometimes hear is for the ability to modify Google results, especially to block unwanted sites. A few eagle-eyed people may have noticed a user-interface experiment on Google that adds the ability to remove results…. At that point, your options would normally be to 1) ignore that result, or 2) report the url to Google via our spam report form. If you’re in this experiment, you’ll have newfound powers. Click the “Remove result” link and with one click you can drop that url from your search results.

The remove results option to report spam to Google is a pretty big step for the search engine as is the remove results from personalized search option and is quite similar to the spam flagging they’re using on Blogger to report spam blogs (splogs). Be sure that Google will be paying close attention to the sites which are reported via the form and the sites which are simply “removed.”

To emphasize the point, the “remove results” option is only in Google personalized search and will only remove the results from that specific user’s results, not all Google results. Yahoo has a similar function with their My Web search via its “Block” option.

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Google Testing Remove Result and Spam Report Options

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