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Google Testing Google AdWords Click-To-Call

Google Testing Google AdWords Click-To-Call

Google has come out with a test of their new Google Pay-Per-Call service dubbed “Google Click-to-Call.” Google is reportedly only testing this service in designated areas of the United States and like Ingenio Pay-Per-Call (which is currently testing its service with Yahoo Local and is running live on AOL and, Google Click-to-Call sets up a phone call between the Google user and the advertiser. Google Click-to-Call advertisers only pay when the call has been made.

However, unlike the Ingenio service, Google Click-to-Call does not simply serve a trackable toll free number in the Google AdWord advertisement. Instead the service works a bit like Estara which acts as a third party, connecting the user and the advertiser via the Google Click-to-Call Call Center, bypassing the need for multiple 1-800-numbers. Google also does not share the user’s information with the advertiser, leaving it up to the advertiser to draw their lead information from the user after being connected via Google.

Google explains : We won’t share your telephone number with anyone, including the advertiser. When you’re connected with the advertiser, your number is blocked so the advertiser can’t see it. In addition, we’ll delete the number from our servers after a short period of time. We’ll be sure to have more on this later, but in the meantime Greg Yardley has a nice selection of screenshots from the Google Click-to-Call connection process.

Here’s one example of Google Click-to-Call in action :

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Google Testing Google AdWords Click-To-Call

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