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Google Teams Up with GoDaddy for Webmaster Tools

Google and web hosting provider GoDaddy has just reached an agreement on integrating Google’s Webmaster Tools on Godaddy customer’s accounts. GoDaddy is offering its millions of account holders, webmasters’ favorite Google tool for monitoring site performance and activity.

With Google Webmaster Tools on board GoDaddy account holders’ hosting control panel, GoDaddy account holders can easily monitor and track the activities on their GoDaddy hosted websites.Once Google account holders finished setting up the Webmaster Tool on the their control center, GoDaddy will automatically submit a sitemap of the account holders to the Google Webmaster Central.

This agreement would certainly boosts GoDaddy’s performance as a web hosting company. The easy-to-configure Webmaster Tool configuration right inside the GoDaddy Control Center is a great help for beginners and not-so technical account holders better manage their site and its visibility online from the major search engines, more particulary with Google.

If you have multiple sites hosted on GoDaddy, you can easily monitor its activities and relevant statistical information without having to go through individual submission to Google. Once you set up webmaster tool in your GoDaddy account, a new webmaster central account will be created for you. It is not tied with any of your previous webmaster central managed accounts or sites.

Bill Brougher, Google Group Product Manager believes that the agreement would help webmasters (especially new ones) to effectively make their site more search engine-friendly.

“Google Webmaster Tools was designed as a useful resource for site owners to get up-to-date information on how their site is performing. This partnership ultimately helps Google to improve the Web by increasing the comprehensiveness and freshness of the content people seek,” says Brougher.

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Google Teams Up with GoDaddy for Webmaster Tools

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