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Google Targeting Cricket Fans Too

Google Targeting Cricket Fans Too, with their sponsorship of the English Cricket Team, is not the only search engine which is marketing their brand and services to fans of Cricket.

Google is getting involved in the Cricket loving country of India with the Googly Cricket Package. Amit Agarwal writes on Digital Inspiration:

The Adwords India team has created a special Googly Cricket Ads package targeting Cricket websites and search keywords related to the game. However, he Googly isn’t for small advertisers – the cricket ads package starts at a whooping Rs 1 lakh.

Google has also released Cricket Live Scores, a free Google Desktop sidebar plugin that displays Live Cricket scores Live for all Cricket matches played by India.

And from Google on the Googly Cricket Package:

Every day Indians search for information on cricket – scores, match results and, not to forget, their favourite cricket stars like Sachin, Dravid and Dhoni – on the internet.

With the Google network reaching 80% of the internet population in India, we bring you an exciting cricket advertising package to reach out to these consumers this cricket season.

Get the Google edge for your brand during the ‘India – West Indies series 2006’ with Googly, our comprehensive cricket advertising package. What’s more, this package can be customised to suit your special marketing needs. Howzzat!

Personally, as an American, I don’t know bullocks about Cricket! But, what I do know from my buddy Sushubh is that cricket is huge in India and it seems like Google is doing some smart marketing to the Indian market, which according to the quote above Google reaches 80% of.

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Google Targeting Cricket Fans Too

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