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Google is Tackling Extremist Content On YouTube With New Guidelines in Europe

Google is Tackling Extremist Content On YouTube With New Guidelines in Europe

Google is introducing four new measures for tackling extremist content on YouTube in the wake of recent terrorist attacks.

While Google has worked for years to identify and remove videos on YouTube that violate its guidelines, the company acknowledges that more needs to be done immediately.

In addition to measures already put in place, Google is introducing four new initiatives to further prevent extremist content from surfacing on YouTube in Europe

How Google Plans to Keep Extremist Content Off YouTube in Europe

Advancements in Technology and Machine Learning
Google has used video analysis technology to identify over 50% of the extremist content it has removed over the past 6 months. The company intends to increase its efforts in this area. It will devote more engineering resources, as well as apply machine learning technology, to better identify and remove even more extremist content.

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More Independent Experts in YouTube’s Trusted Flagger Program
While machines can help identify and remove extremist content from YouTube, the company realizes human experts still play a key role. Google will increase its efforts in this area by adding 50 additional non-governmental organizations to the 63 organizations already participating in the Trusted Flagger program. Google is expanding this program not only because it needs more assistance, but Trusted Flagger reports are said to be accurate 90% of the time.

Cracking Down on Videos That Do Not “Clearly” Violate Any Policies
Google will be taking a tougher stance on YouTube videos that walk a fine line between violating Google’s policies and staying on the safe side. Such content will appear behind an interstitial warning and will not be monetized with ads. Further, these videos will not be recommended or eligible for comments or user endorsements.

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Expanding Counter-Radicalization Efforts
Google will be working with a company called Jigsaw to identify and redirect potential Isis recruits to anti-terrorist videos that could potentially change their minds about joining.

Google says it’s committed to keep working on the problem of extremist content on YouTube until it gets the balance right.


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