Google Sued Over Child Pornography AdWords

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Google Sued Over Child Pornography AdWords

Long Island Politician Jeffrey Toback, of the Nassau County Legislature, has gone and sued Google in the New York State Supreme Court alleging that Google and its Google AdWords advertising network is profiting over child pornography.

The law suit, which happens to fall on an election year and is sure to attract all kinds of national press, stems back to the serving of what may have been “dynamic keyword insertion” ads which automatically show the keyword users are searching for in the AdWords advertising placement.

Here’s an example of one of the ads being served on Google:

Toback has taken the stance that Google cares more about the Chinese than America’s children, since Google agreed to censor politically sensitive search results when opening Google China. More from Toback’s suit:

“When it comes to the protection and well-being of our nation’s innocent children, (Google) refuses to spend a dime’s worth of resources to block child pornography from reaching children or to filter out search terms such as ‘child pornography’ or ‘kiddie porn’ or the content to which such terms lead.”

Representative Toback is not looking for monetary damages in the case, instead he wants Google to prohibit such ads which “display, market or otherwise provide illegal access to pornography.”

Toback has also sponsored bills to change legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 19 and to limit children from entering tanning salons.

Loren Baker
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  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Oh yes, Hat Tip to Aaron at Threadwatch

    Member Tall Troll adds :

    “I bet you can write dynamic keyword instructions that generate these ads very easily, and I’m also fairly sure that if you just targetted those keywords explicitly, it’d be a few days before anyone reviewed the ads and blocked them.

    Unless the PPC providers positively vet EVERY ad before letting it go live, you’ll always be able to slip things through, and positive vetting at those volumes is impossible, really. The fact is, people use the internet for less than savoury reasons sometimes.”

  • Brandon

    Alternative headline for this story:

    “Long Island Politician Jeffrey Toback Wants Attention”

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    “Considering how much their editors rip apart my boring business ads, I think they can spend some time blocking child porn”

    Amen to that.

    You’d think that they would have simple keyword filters in place or their keyword filter was broken & maybe the kiddie porn ads get such a high click thru that the editorial staff is not getting flagged.

  • Randy Charles Morin

    No outbound links? Looking for more, but you are not providing it. Strike one. Three strikes equals unsub.

  • pixles

    When it comes to American Children I believe Google has no comments about cartoons and porn being publisized over the Internet providing there is something to click on !
    Widgets are introducing porn and nobody gives a damn follow my links for the full story