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Google Sued for $1 Billion in Software Stealing Dispute

Google Sued for $1 Billion in Software Stealing Dispute

Google is the target of a one billion dollar lawsuit by LimitNone, a software company which claims Google has taken trade secrets from the company and violated consumer fraud law.

Apparently, LimitNone developed a tool which allows users to move Microsoft Office calendar info and email to the Google GMail application. LimitNone, according to a report in Wired, says that they presented the software to Google in 2007 and worked with Google on developing the software.

According to the complaint, after working with LimitNone, Google copied their tool and launched Google Email Uploader, which LimitNone claims was stolen from them.

“Google claims its core philosophy is ‘Don’t be evil’ but, simply put, they invited us to work with them, to trust them — and then stole our technology,” Ray Glassman, CEO of LimitNone, said in a statement.

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