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Google Street View Gets Much Needed Update: Navigate With a Swipe

Google has replaced its arrow-style navigation in Street View with a more continuous scroll style of navigation. Previously, when using Street View, you had to place a white arrow where you wanted to go, and tap again each time you wanted to move ahead, backward, or to the side. Now you can continuously scroll through street view by swiping on a blue line which indicates where you’re able to move.

The new design for Street View, first spotted by Android Police, is as easy as scrolling along the blue line in the direction you want to go. The blue line can even help you plan your next move by indicating which way an intersection is about to go.

With the old street view you used to have to navigate a section of the street piece-by-piece. Meaning you’d tap on a section of the road, wait for it to load, and then click again to get to the next section to load, and so on. The new swiping style of street view allows you to zoom ahead by scrolling at any pace you wish, making the entire experience more fluid and user friendly.

As with most Google updates, this updates appears to only be available in the US right now. If it’s not yet available in your country or region, you can get a preview of what it looks like in the video from Android Police below:

Featured Image Credit: Kostas Koutsaftikis /

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Google Street View Gets Much Needed Update: Navigate With a Swipe

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