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Google Streamlines First-Party Data Management With New Tool

Google unveils a new tool, Google Ads Data Manager, to simplify first-party data use for marketers.

  • Google launched a new tool to simplify first-party data management.
  • The tool is called Google Ads Data Manager.
  • It aims to help marketers rely less on third-party data.

Google has announced the upcoming launch of a new tool called Google Ads Data Manager that aims to streamline the management and utilization of first-party customer data for digital marketing campaigns.

This tool comes as marketers look to reduce reliance on third-party data.

Data collected directly from customers tends to be more reliable and valuable over time than data about customers collected from external sources like browser cookies.

However, Google says less than a third of marketers use first-party data across advertising channels.

Google Ads Data Manager seeks to improve this by providing a unified interface within Google Ads to create data connections and activate customer datasets for measurement and targeting.

Google Ads Data Manager – Key Details

Google Ads Data Manager offers a unified platform where data analysts and marketers can collaborate. Analysts can set up new data integrations, while marketers can use that data to measure conversions or personalize ads.

In the past, making these connections often led to duplicated work between analysts and engineers, who had to write custom queries.

Google Ads Data Manager streamlines the process, so no coding is required. This reduces the burden of leveraging data in marketing campaigns.

In the future, the tool promises to integrate customer data from major platforms like Salesforce and Lytics, where many brands build audience profiles and analytics repositories.

Google is also developing connectors to assist businesses in accessing their data regardless of where it’s stored.


Google plans a full launch of Ads Data Manager in 2024, starting with core features like conversion measurement and customer list activation within Google Ads.

Support for more advertising products like YouTube will follow.

Investing In First-Party Data

Companies that start cultivating direct relationships and first-party data with customers now will be better positioned for the future when more restrictions are in place.

Google Ads Data Manager is intended to facilitate the transition from relying heavily on cookies.

Businesses focusing on transparent data practices and building consumer trust can use new tools like this to manage and use their first-party data.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, October 2023. 

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Google Streamlines First-Party Data Management With New Tool

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