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Google Stops Print Ads Program

Google has just announced that it is closing one of Adwords’ not so popular revenue generating (or the lack of) stream – Google Print Ads. After a couple of years running the Adwords sub-program, Google has finally realized that print newspaper advertising is not really sparking interest anymore from advertisers. This is understandble considering that even the printed newspaper industry is suffering from a slump as well.

Google launched its Print Ads program two years ago, and since then the program was able to get 800 newspaper partners from its initial 50 partners in 2006. But then, despite the growing intesest among newspapers with Google Print Ads partners what could possibly go wrong with the program that Google decided to shut it down? Obviously, the lack of partner from the advertisers’ front.

According to Google, the Print Ads program has not created the impact that their partners wanted. This is not surprising since even online newspapers are also not really doing well. Citizen journalism and abrupt, on-the-spot reporting through micro-blogging services is taking its toll on the whole newspaper industry as a whole. And for opinionated articles, readers can always check their favorite blogs.

Google has tried its best to help out the dying printed newspaper industry with its Print Programs, but the industry continues to dwindle. Advertising is no longer the problem, but readership  is.

In the meantime, for Google Print Ads advertisers who still have pending campaigns, Google promises to run your ads until March 31.

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Google Stops Print Ads Program

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