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Google Steps Up Its Content Game With New YouTube Series on SEO Myths

Google Steps Up Its Content Game With New YouTube Series on SEO Myths

Google is preparing to launch a new video series about SEO myths which is drastically different from its previous videos.

The “SEO Mythbusting” series will be hosted by Google’s Martin Splitt and published on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel.

Splitt recently wrapped up a video series on JavaScript SEO, so he’s wasting no time moving on to the next thing.

Judging from the trailer, Google has seriously upped the production value of its video content.

Google’s previous videos have followed the same uninspired formula of one person talking directly into a camera.

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Frankly, independent video creators make Google look like amateurs on the company’s own platform.

Google has greatly improved on that formula by using multiple camera angles and filming on what looks like a soundstage.

Best of all, there’s a discourse between two people for a change. And not just Google representatives, but real SEOs from the community who you may have even met at a conference before.

It’s best described as an insightful, engaging SEO talk show produced by Google.

So, aesthetically speaking, the series looks great. Now let’s get into the meat and potatoes of it.

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What Topics Will Be Covered?

The trailer features clips from several upcoming episodes. From what I can gather, these are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • Googlebot
  • JavaScript frameworks
  • Apps
  • Communication between SEOs and developers
  • Best SEO tactics
  • and more

Google isn’t giving away too much right now with regards to what will be covered in each episode.

What we do know is each episode will feature a member of the developer and/or SEO community chatting with Martin Splitt about SEO misconceptions.

The first episode is set to come out in two weeks.

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