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Google Starts Letting Anyone Register ‘.app’ Domains

Google is now letting anyone register domains ending in .app, a top-level domain (TLD) that has been exclusive to Google since 2015.

The .app TLD was acquired by Google three years ago for $25M, and has since been restricted to “relevant developer communities.” There will no longer be any restrictions on who can register a .app domain.

Users can register .app TLDs starting today through Google’s early access program. The program allows users to secure their domains, for an additional fee, before .app becomes available to the general public after May 7th.

After May 7th, the .app domain extension will be available through your registrar of choice. You can check which domain names are available by visiting

In addition to being a highly marketable TLD, the .app domain extension is the first TLD to come with HTTPS encryption by default. This will ensure security for you and your visitors, as well provide a slight boost in search rankings over non-HTTPS sites.

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Google Starts Letting Anyone Register ‘.app’ Domains

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