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Google Starts Asking People to Verify Edits to Google Maps

Google Starts Asking People to Verify Edits to Google Maps

Over the past few weeks users have been noticing a slight change to Google Maps. When checking in to a place on Google Maps, people are occasionally being asked to verify suggested edits others have made to that location.

When there has been suggested edits made to a piece of information at that location, there will be a note underneath it saying “someone has suggested new info”. Tapping on the note will bring up a card showing you what has been suggested vs. what currently exists.

From there you can select which is the most correct piece of information. There will also be an option to say you’re not sure if you really don’t know enough about that location.

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This was first reported on by Android Police who also reports users have seen the same thing in Google Maps going on for a few weeks now.

This is a good thing for Google and its users because not only does it help Google display accurate information for Maps listings, it prevents people from maliciously suggesting inaccurate edits. It also may help edits go through more quickly with Google crowdsourcing the information it needs from human users, rather than relying on an editorial team to verify every single edit.




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