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Google SMS – Great for Google and Users Too

Google SMS – Great for Google and Users Too

I have tested Google search on WAP and it works fine. But considering Google has around 4.2 Billion pages (as per their homepage), finding information on a mobile phone is not fun. Especially when you are looking for something very discreet like business and residential listings, product prices and dictionary look-up.

Google SMS comes to rescue on this front. It is only available in the USA at this time and it is in beta stage. And according to Google, it is planned to stay free in the near future. The service is currently available on top six United States mobile services including Cingular Wireless, Verizon Wireless, and Sprint. Other countries do not get the privilege at this moment considering the services utilize Google’s localized searches which itself are limited to USA.

It is good for Google to look beyond the PC market. As mobiles get more and more sophisticated and wireless technology improves, Google will find it more and more lucrative to offer services to mobile internet users and startups like these would give them the experience that would help them in the coming years. For the users, it is good that a recognized brand like Google is expanding and providing services that would help them on the move. So, if you are traveling and want to find a local restaurant in the locality that serve Chinese food, you know you can Google it from your mobile!

Sushubh Mittal is the publisher of Software news at Software Journal and Tech Consultant to the Search Engine Journal.

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Google SMS – Great for Google and Users Too

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