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Google Shows Your Site’s Average Ranking Position for the Keyword You Search For

Google Search Console stats have begun showing up in search results when users look up a query their site ranks for.

Want to see how your site ranks for a particular query? Just search for it.

Directly in search results, below the paid positions, Google has begun showing data related to the query that was searched for.

Specifically, Google is showing:

  • Average ranking position for the query
  • Number of impressions for the query
  • Number of clicks your site has received when users search for that query

Stats displayed in search results are pulled from the past 7 days of Google Search Console data.

Of course, the stats are only visible when logged in with the same account that’s used to manage your Google Search Console properties.

It appears that these stats are only showing up for US users on the Chrome browser.

I would assume that they’re also only displayed when a significant amount of data has been collected for a particular query.

For example, it probably doesn’t show up if your site ranks in 30th position for a query and has only received a few impressions.

Then again, I can’t confirm what triggers these stats to show up, and Google hasn’t officially announced anything about it.

Perhaps the feature is just in testing right now, although multiple people have reported seeing it today.

Check it out yourself by entering a keyword your site ranks for into the Google search bar. Make sure you’re logged into Chrome with your Search Console account.

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Google Shows Your Site’s Average Ranking Position for the Keyword You Search For

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