Google Sesame Street Logo Celebrates 40 Years of Public TV

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When opening up my Chrome browser today a pleasant smile wrapped around my face as I was instantly reminded of several of my childhood friends who not only kept me entertained from my infant years into my kindergarten years, but also helped me read, count, explore art and other cultures.

This month Sesame Street, a public television project brought to us by the Children’s Television Workshop, turns 40. And Google of all places, run by people our ages who grew up with Sesame Street also, has commemorated the event with a memorable Big Bird logo which brings instant memories of the crew including Oscar, Cookie Monster, Bob, Maria, Grover and that two headed monster who would put words together.

Google Sesame Street Logo

I find it interesting that Google is commemorating the Children’s Television Workshop during a time when the search company (well, is Google still a search company) is getting more involved in video, TV, TV advertising and could one day bring targeted underwriting to PBS and other publicly funded projects. Is there a vision or political statement in here somewhere? Could be. But for now I’ll just not worry about that, watch some Sesame Street, ponder about the relationship between Bert & Ernie, and be a kid again for a couple of minutes.

BTW, here’s the Sesame Street I remember (it looks a bit different now)

Thanks Google!

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • benjamin biddle

    ERROR: Sesame Street is NOT “brought to you by Children’s Television Workshop.” There is no longer an entity named “Children’s Television Workshop.” It is “Sesame Workshop” and has been for several years.

    • Benjamin, to me it will always be Children’s Television Workshop … but thanks for the lesson in Sesame Street trivia.

  • Funny, it will always be the Children’s Television Workshop to me too! A great book (its for adults, not kids) is Sesame Street Unpaved. It sure brings back the memories of my Sesame Street watching childhood, and has a lot of things that make you go OMG, really?

  • Ghada Al-Dossary

    Nice article..
    I still remember Sesame Street of the 80’s…I miss my childhood years and when I saw this pic yesterday in Google page and Cookie monster today I smiled 🙂
    Thanks Google and thanks Loren. I agree with you it will always be Children’s Television Workshop 😉