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Send Places to Your Phone From Google’s Knowledge Graph Panels

Send Places to Your Phone From Google’s Knowledge Graph Panels

Google has quietly rolled out the ability to send information about places directly from search results to your smartphone. Searching for a location will bring up the familiar Knowledge Graph panel, with an addition “Send to your phone” option toward the bottom.

Here is what it looks like:

send to your phone

While there was no fanfare surrounding the launch of this update, there is a new Google help center article dedicated to sending places to your phone from search results. This indicates the feature is not a test and will be a permanent fixture in search results going forward.

Getting the feature to work correctly requires that you be signed in to the same Google account in your Google Maps app that you’re signed into on desktop. You also need to have notifications enabled for the Google Maps app on your phone.

The new “Send to my phone” feature works with iOS and Android, including tablets as well as phones. This will be a useful addition for searchers who routinely look up a location on their computer that they will then need to access later on their mobile device.

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