Google and SEJ Launch ‘Ask the AdSense Guy’

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Google and SEJ Launch ‘Ask the AdSense Guy’

I am excited to announce a new SEJ column “Ask the AdSense Guy” by John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications for Google.

Appearing monthly, John will cover topics related to search and Google AdSense.

John started at Google earlier this year to support AdSense’s initiative to become more transparent and accessible to the online marketing community. As a result, John has made it his passion to connect with more search marketers who want to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

SEJ managing partner Brent Csutoras interviewed John at Pubcon 2015 to get a glimpse of what’s next for Google AdSense in 2016:

Ask Google’s John Brown a Question

Tweet @sejournal on Twitter with the hashtag #AskTheAdSenseGuy. We’ll also poll for your questions on our Facebook page.

You can also email your questions to or send it using our #AskTheAdSenseGuy form.

Welcome to the SEJ community, John!

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  • Bharat

    Thanks for sharing this information with us. I am passionate about Google Adsense and I started using this a month ago.

  • Brent Csutoras

    I am personally really excited about this. From my conversations with John so far, he seems really humble, nice, transparent, and very capable of handling his new role at Google. Plus he is a publisher himself, so he knows the issues we deal with.

    I think publishers are going to be really happy with this monthly column but also with all the changes coming for Adsense in 2016.

  • Greg Strandberg

    I decided to get serious about AdSense this year and cracked the $100 threshold because of it. Now I get a payment of $125 or so every other month most of the time.

    Not much, but it adds up. For lowly content marketers like myself, having a few extra hundred each month goes a long way for paying the rent.

    Yeah, I know most of you highbrow types look down on ads, but we’re not you.

    We can’t “woo” people with our free guides and sizable mailing lists. We’re down here in the trenches each and everyday, doing the heavy lifting.

    So if you don’t like our ads, tough. Go write a blog post extolling your services.

    • Brent Csutoras

      Well Greg, stay tuned and make sure to ask your questions, so we can make sure you get all the information you need to improve those earnings further.

  • Eyal

    Exciting. Good to see that Google is making this move as transparency is a concern. Nice to have someone at google that publishers can consider a target for their grievences and concerns

  • Mukesh Negi

    That great news

    My total income source is came from Google AdSense so it will sure gonna helpful for me.

    • Kelsey Jones

      I know a lot of people depend on AdSense, so we are hoping it is helpful!

  • I. C. Daniel

    Great news, can’t wait to read the best tips regarding Google Adsense.

  • Joe Cloud Guy

    It’s great that he will be addressing users here, and I wonder what he has in store for small publishers.

  • Rajesh Phatak

    Wow!! That’s great news. I’m using Google Adsense from last 8 years and this is the Great source of money earning. I’d really like to ask questions to this guy. Thanks for sharing such a very nice information with us.

  • Loker Sumut

    Thank you GoogleAdsense, so far so good for me.

  • Vann Natube

    adsence block my acount !

  • Vann Natube

    Please help me open my acount!

  • Vann Natube

    Dear. google adsence team .
    My account was closed
    Please help me open !

  • Vann Natube

    Dear. google adsence team .
    My account was closed
    Please help me open ! thank you google adsence team.:-)

  • Happy Love Quotes for Her

    I want to ask that we usually buy second hand websites and domains from different bloggers but there is no authorized way to check either the domain is banned by Google for Adsense or not.

    Please tell me how we can check any domain for Google Adsense banned status. Because if we place our adsense code in any banned website by mistake, google blocked our account for all the websites running on the same account.

    Please must answer this question because I am really worried when I want to buy any domain or website that have good authority but not have any adsense code on it.


  • raja safdar

    hi dear how are you please you tell my my adsense account is suspended but some any option for again runing my accont???

  • omg

    please help me its 25 jan … my payment is not issued yet 🙁 :

  • Pawan Diwakar

    As I can see many adsense publisher has question but no body replies……..can you please tell who is answering guys here..

    • Aki Libo-on

      Hi Pawan,

      John Brown is the one answering the AdSense questions here.

  • ashok

    hii sir
    i have a doubt about adsense

  • ashok

    I have an hosted adsense account and a blog with ads but i dont know how to attach these both to earn money plzz give me a suggestion

  • Geeta


    I think google has got zero support for AdSense program and has been stealing money from small publishers with no reasons by disabling accounts and taking away everything. Even when you file an appeal you don’t get any human reply. My account was disabled with USD 45K just before receiving payments. I have got no support from anyone to understand if there is any issue with my websites.

    I want to ask Mr. John, if the stories written around internet in regards with Google AdSense scams are true? To me these seems to be true.

    I am still looking forward to get some support and get the ads running on my websites.

  • Deepak Shrivastav

    dear Kelsey I have a problem to verify my pin in adsense, i attempted my 2nd pin 1 month before now i am not sure what to do to verify my address for adsense please Help me