Google and SEJ Launch ‘Ask the AdSense Guy’

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Google and SEJ Launch ‘Ask the AdSense Guy’

I am excited to announce a new SEJ column “Ask the AdSense Guy” by John Brown, Head of Publisher Policy Communications for Google.

Appearing monthly, John will cover topics related to search and Google AdSense.

John started at Google earlier this year to support AdSense’s initiative to become more transparent and accessible to the online marketing community. As a result, John has made it his passion to connect with more search marketers who want to learn more about what works and what doesn’t.

SEJ managing partner Brent Csutoras interviewed John at Pubcon 2015 to get a glimpse of what’s next for Google AdSense in 2016:

Ask Google’s John Brown a Question

Tweet @sejournal on Twitter with the hashtag #AskTheAdSenseGuy. We’ll also poll for your questions on our Facebook page.

You can also email your questions to or send it using our #AskTheAdSenseGuy form.

Welcome to the SEJ community, John!

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